Songwerks​-​B (eP)

by Lord Xynyx

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    Please note: This is an unmastered demo version of my ‘Songwerks-B (eP)’ album release. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: For all who purchase this ‘Songwerks-B (eP)’ demo album or any of the tracks therein–in their raw unmastered form–I PROMISE and PLEDGE to personally ensure that you will also receive the mastered final official version of any or all of the tracks on ‘Songwerks-B (eP)’ that you have purchased here on Bandcamp–in high quality digital format at no extra cost–when they are ready! I also promise to provide you with some extra bonus materials that I think you will like and that I will also work very hard on as well for your much appreciated patronage and commitment to my music! I thank you very much for all of your purchases!
    All proceeds from your purchase of this complete release of demo tracks or any of the other individual demo tracks within the ‘Songwerks-B (eP)’ will go towards the proper engineering, mixdown, mastering, and distribution (physical and digital) for the official release of this ‘Songwerks-B (eP)’ and all the songs on it in mastered form when I have attained enough earned funds to do so.
    Though this is an unmastered release, I have worked really hard on these tracks and accompanying artwork and I need any and all of your financial help and support I can get to bring these songs on the ‘Songwerks-B (eP)’–and many others that are in the works–to a viable finished mastered state and format. That way I may independently release and distribute them officially and continue to make more moving forward; as I have many, many, many more unheard songs, tracks, albums, artwork and other releases to finish, mix, master, and release as well!
    Therefore, I have priced accordingly; and you can rest assured that you will be getting every penny’s worth–and more–for whatever you choose to pay (as you can pay more than what’s listed if you feel my music is worthy of it!)
    However, for those of you who are dirt poor, hopelessly in debt, and down on your luck like me, then no worries, I’ve got you covered, too, (for as long as I have free downloads to give away each month at least, anyways.) Just drop me a line (i.e. email me here through Bandcamp) and I will happily provide the tracks you desire or even the entire ‘Songwerks-B (eP)’ for free if you’d like! It would greatly enliven my spirits to know that there are people out there who actually appreciate the music I have created; who really feel like paying, but just can’t right now–I get that, I really do, because that’s me all the way too–it really would mean the world to me to hear from you and to give back what I can in return for all that has been given to me!
    If you like and appreciate my music, please help support Lord Xynyx in any way you possibly can. I sincerely thank you for your listening and your support!
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New music from Lord Xynyx - November, 2016 - ‘Songwerks-B (eP)’ - (current demo version) - (EP title, song names, and artwork may evolve and change as this EP approaches official release.)

5 songs that will take you on an unforgettable journey through loss, grief, and hope, as well as space, time, spirit, and mind...

An epic quest through life and death and all that's in between.

God Bless you, Steve.

Playtime: 40 mins 05 secs

This ‘Songwerks-B (eP)’ and all the songs within are created and dedicated in memory of Stephen Blaine Prairie, for all of his (our) family, and to all those who loved him and knew him. We miss you terribly, Brother. May your spirit be with God, forever soaring with the Great Spirit. May you rest in love, in peace, and in Heaven. Amen.


released December 1, 2016

All music written, composed, and produced by Lord Xynyx.



all rights reserved


Lord Xynyx Escondido, California

Lord Xynyx is a virtual artist and a conduit through which we all may musically, visually, & artistically experience the infinite knowledge of our boundless & unknowable multiverse.

Virtually and vicariously through each song he creates, he takes us on a journey deep into the collective human experience as well as all possible aspects of the known and unknown multiverse–be it real or imagined...
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